Was würdest du tun (Panik)

6. července 2010 v 21:21 | Webmiss |  thePRETTYLITTLETHINGS
I guess I don't have to say, that Panik is a very special band for me. Not just because I really like these guys (not that I know them, but from their Kytevideos, from the way they talk to people - and I am glad I had this opportunity - it seems so), and not just because for more than three years, I have a fansite about them (btw. the only one since the beginning of their carreer till today, which I am really proud of and when there was more acitivity from their side, I spent all of my free time woking on it), but also because of their great music and lyrics, they have a deep meaning and they talk about real problems. Panik as a band have been through so much, but they still were able to finish recording the second album (which I and all other fans are really thankful for), and even though they won't be working together as a band anymore (not all 6 of them), I hope that at least Timo & David will continue making good music like they did before. And not to forget, Panik is one of the best live bands ever. After each of their concerts I was so full of euphory and joy. But I should stop talking now, enjoy the song


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Hey brilliant, this has been a awesome help to me, I have had some really serious trouble in my private life recently and it is funny how certain things can really pick you back up or make you lose focus on the horrible stuff and get busy with the other things in life. Anyway thank you a lot.

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