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8. července 2010 v 15:28 | Webmiss |  theTHOUGHTS
Now I'm exactly in the mood I didn't want to for be, but I just knew it was coming. I guess I'm not the only one, who sometimes feels like closing herself in a small, dark room and spending there time only with music and nothing else. I don't feel like eating much, I just feel like smoking cigarettes and being burried in my thoughts. I am not sure if this is the shorttime-depression, but I don't like when I feel like this. I would be able to do this, because no one is at home and my best friend is sick at home, but I just can't because I have to go pick up my Canon from a friend, who had it for more than two months and I have to go meed my boyfriend, because yesterday he forgot his housekeys in my purse. I have no idea where he slept and if he even got home, but actually, I don't really care. I am still thinking about how to break up with him. I don't really know what I am writing about right now, maybe I just want to write this "depression" off of me. I am not always like this, most of the time I'm a very optimistic and good-mooded person, and that makes this situation even worse, maybe if I'd feel like this more often, I'd get more used to it? I am not sure ..
In the beginning of this summer I thought everything was gonna be alright, but now I feel like it's not good at all. I hope everything will turn out good - but actually, what is everything? See, I don't even know .. it's all so weird. The things I am thinking are weird. All my thoughts seem so weird to me at this time. And I am not sure if I shouldn't just go out and try to have fun? No idea .. The worst thing is, that even sleeping does not help, yesterday when I was trying to fall asleep I was hoping that today I'd be in a good mood, but it just didn't happen. I can't stop thinking about my relationship, about what, how and when I should do.I think this is a very useless article, but what the hell?

I just want to thank eS. and Mat. for standing by my side and helping me, it really means so much to me, these two people are my everythingand ofc. Klárka, Mihalka, and Nika (Š.:D). The first two for being there for me, I am glad I can tell them so many things and they listen and disucuss it all with me, it really helps. And Nika for reading my blogs, for cheering me up in the comments, it means a lot to me.


1 Clara Clara | 8. července 2010 v 20:57 | Reagovat

zlatko,veľmi dobre poznám tieto stavy // .. pofidérne nálady ale vždy skôr či neskôr prejdú, takisto aj celkové blbé obdobia..
try not to worry about it so much,it will be allright soon (whatever allright means in this case) :*

2 astaroth astaroth | 8. července 2010 v 21:17 | Reagovat

i feel like that as well (small dark rooms, loneliness, cigarettes) but it has no purpose and it´s kinda usual :D

ale fuck, tu sa stal nejaký disaster o ktorom nič netuším :/ ! ale šípim, že o tom bude nejaký zápis v predchádzajúcom článku, takže sa idem k nemu dopracovať

dúfam že sa z tohto pokleslého stavu vystrábiš dárling

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