29. července 2010 v 20:32 | Webmiss |  theTHOUGHTS
As you might have guessed already, we are back from Germany. I hope you liked the pictures we took, there are going to be (ofc) some more from Tittemania in Dalhausen, I just have to wait for my Photoshop to be installed on my new computer and then I will be able to edit them and so on. But that is not the most important thing right now. Even though I really love Germany, it's a nice feeling to be home again. In my own bed, even seeing my parents is nice this time. And that's weird, because even though we all really love each other, we don't like to show it, we pretend like we are never going to miss each other and stuff like that - and we don't really say that we love each other, I think my dad only says it to me when he's apologizing, but trying to vindicate his actions. "We love you and we want the best for you, but this time &i might have overreacted" - something like this. And it is really nice to see my cat again. And it was nice to see my classmate/friend today. But not that I'll stay home that much. Tomorrow I am not spending much time at home - because it's my birthday and I cancelled the party, so I will go see my friends separately. And then on July 31., me and eS are going to Prag to see Edie and some of her friends. We'll stay there till Monday probably, so we'll be back here in the evening. We were invited there also on August 8., but they won't let eS go there, so we won't go and then again on the 15. and I can't miss that. And then something even more important - Siegen on August 21.! My parents agreed to take us there, so that is really really awesome! Okay well. I have to say that the Germany Trip (Berlin, Dalhausen, Munich) was really great, I'd say it was even better than last year. I wrote about the important personal stuff while I was there (and stole eS' computer), so I am not going to talk about it that much. I hope you had good time while I was gone, I am not feeling that good right now, so I won't write any long article, I just want to go sleep as soon as possible. But I'll be back tomorrow.

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