She can't sleep ..

19. července 2010 v 2:42 | Webmiss |  theTHOUGHTS
I guess everyone knows the I just can't fall asleep feeling. Even though I feel really, really tired, I just can not fall asleep. And considering the fact that other days at this time I am half-asleep, even though I've had like thousands energydrinks during the day, it could seem weird, but I actually know the reason. I just got used to her sleeping next to me every night again and now when she isn't there one night, I feel so alone and I can't sleep. My eyes are almost closed now and I'm sure I'll have like 1000 mistakes in this text, everytime I lay down, I feel like getting up again. I have no idea what I'll do, because I just can't stay up all night - we're going to Berlin at 07:00 in the morning, so I should go to bed now to be fresh there. I know this is kind of an pointless article, but I just felt like letting you know, that I am still up, being bored as hell, maybe trying to do some graphics or translating the 4th part of a story today. I don't really feel like it, but well, what can I do? Maybe I'll start packing for Germany? Sho knows? And maybe I'll just sit here and do nothing. Seems like a good plan, right? But first, I'm gonna go to the living room, wake my mom, tell her to go sleep to her bed, which is much more comfy and turn off all the lights and the TV she still left on, because she fell asleep without knowing it. Any maybe I'll write another article in a couple of hours? We'll see ..

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