Photoshooting ..

12. července 2010 v 17:34 | Webmiss |  theTHOUGHTS
I finally got my camera back on Saturday after two months, so right when I had the chance to charge the battery, I went on and took some photos. I wanted it to be extravagant and you know .. a bit artistic, but in the end it turned out as kinda normal photos with my too much make-up. Like I told a milion times, i didn't want to post any of my photos at first, but I am in the mood for posting these, I mean .. I'm not using my regular nickname here, so what's the big deal? I hope you will like them, a part of this photoshoot was pretty acrobatic in those heels. From all those photos I was able to use three .. and my best friend chose one this far, we'll see if she uses more. The main theme was hot & cold, or wild & innocent. In the end, she was all white and in the grass, like a garden fairy and I was. Well, have a look:


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