13. července 2010 v 15:18 | Webmiss
My dear friends and visitors, I just wanna tell u that I am leaving for three days (if I'm counting right). I am going to a far away place with no internet connection, gonna spend some time with girls from my class and some of our boy-classmates will join the last day&night. I guess it'll be fun, even though the heat is unbelievable and I feel like melting everytime I stick my head out of the window. And today, I had to go see my doctor, I felt like roasted meat. Disgusting. And my best friend telling me my hair smells like fried chicken (I am a proud vegetarian from the day I was born, that means I am disgusted by any kind of dead animal) does not help. But anyway, I should be back on Thursday evening, or Friday noon. I hope you liked the photos I posted yesterday. Talk to you soon, have fun, P.

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