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16. července 2010 v 21:57 | Webmiss |  theTHOUGHTS
I have finally found the energy to write some article here, other than just uploading my photos from "Leváre" where I've spent two and half days. It was a lot of fun (even though we had an injury there and I had headache the last day), I am glad I could spend some time with my darlings from class, because I missed them already. Right the day I came back eS made me go the the mall to see "Shrek 3" and even thought I was really out of energy, it felt good to just spontaneously go to the movie theatre. I am not gonna write my oppinion on this movie, because .. I mean, it's Shrek :D Haha this is really off topic, but I finally made my best friend (eS) use znout.org instead of google, congrats to me! Okay well, my parents are still gone (till Sunday, they are on this weird joga trip) and my Opa is still here, I really love him, but c'mon, he's not that old, it's not okay for him to act like a little child that can't take care of it's self! But it's a great training for the time when I'll be living with some messy person, perhaps when I'll be studying in Germany - clean up after him, take care of him.
Soo - now I'm gonna spend some time at home (till Tuesday) and then it's time for Germany ♥ yap, Berlin, Munich & Dallhausen (Tittemania, festival with DA ♥) I can not wait! And then .. I guess will be time for some spontaneous actions. Not that I don't plan almost everything, but if we wouldn't have Germany planned for these next days, we'd prolly be in Catania now. - Don't think I'm crazy now, I still have the same oppinion about Italy as I always had - I hate this country - but I'd really like to be at "TRL On The Road" today.  So .. maybe in August? We'll see ..
I hope to make some graphics in the next days, but we'll see. I don't have my laptop at the moment, because I am either at home with Sonka (without her laptop) which means she'd be bored if I'd be stuck with PS for some time, or I am at her house - without my laptop, because it really isn't in the condition to be moved. I should've been getting a new one on Monday so I'd be able to take it to Deutschland with me, but unfortunately my dad's specialised employe has one week off and my dad's´on his vacation, so they don't have that much time for ordering it and putting all the stuff that needs to be on it up. I still don't know which would be the best brand for me, I was always satisfied with my Asus, but my dad says it's not good because his broke, so I thought maybe HP, but eS's HPs broke like .. in no time - but that's her. I am not sure if I am in the mood for Mac. I mean .. it's really different and all. And there's also Lenovo that might work. I don't know, I'll let u know as soon as I figure something out. If you have any idea which laptop I should buy, feel free to let me know.

Love & Peace


1 n i k a. n i k a. | 16. července 2010 v 23:01 | Reagovat

ja mam compaq, čo je vlastne HPčko a som spokojna...

a... nemecko si uži ♥ idete zasa so sonkou a s niektorymi rodičmi? ^^ :)

2 Webmiss Webmiss | 17. července 2010 v 11:12 | Reagovat

[1]: ofc, eS a jej rodičia (moji Nemecko veľmi neuznávajú), aby sme mali auto :D Pohodlie nadovšetko :D

Aký bol Movieabend? ^^

3 n i k a. n i k a. | 17. července 2010 v 16:12 | Reagovat

závisť :D

ach, z movieabendu bolo nakoniec niečo nepomenovateľné, drinky na zahrade, zakazany biliard v pracovni jej otca a potom sme pozerali britney spearc top 20 aka naše nehorazne falošne karaoke :D:D
bolo super ;D

4 n i k a. n i k a. | 17. července 2010 v 16:12 | Reagovat

spears. :D

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