"I love you"

6. července 2010 v 22:32 | Webmiss |  theTHOUGHTS
 I don't want to talk here about the meaning of these words (like many people do, even though everyone pretty much knows what they mean), and I don't want to talk here about some things about these words I think about a lot in the last time. I just feel like writing here about one certain thing : in one of my favorite series, one boy told a girl he loves her - and she got upset, because he didn't give her anything. I mean .. what the f**k? I don't really get this. I am definitely not a romantic type of person (maybe on the inside a little bit, but it took me a long long time to admit this), and most definitely not the cliché type of a romantic person - all that stuff makes me wanna puke actually - but I just think that telling someone "I love you" should be spontaneous - without giving any gifts, without getting mad if not recieving a gift. I think it's kinda sick, I don't know if I am the only one, but I guess not. This may sound a bit romantic, but : I just think that when someone tells you he/she loves you, it's the best gift you can recieve and there doesn't need to be given anything more, because love is just so important and people who love and are loved are the luckiest people in the world. So, I think that's all, I just needed to discuss this topic - I am not hoping for any comments - with myself.


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even though you're not hoping, i just have to say i agree.
it's crap when somebody is awaiting any gift.
i think it's not the true and real love when he/(mostly) she wants always only to receive gifts... :-!

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