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5. července 2010 v 18:07 | Webmiss |  theTHOUGHTS
While reading some magazine on the way back from my grandma's, I've read this article about food good for more energy, good skin etc. so I just thought more of you might be interested - here are some simple facts - just click on "celý článek" to read them all :

For more energy
For good mood
celery, humus, avocado, nuts & wholeweat cookies
  • not much sugar, eating all the things above is good every 3 hours in small portions. 

meat, eggs, pulses, milk or cheese (proteins) or (sugar) wholeweat bread, rice, fruit
  • important is not to combine protein and sugar.

For beautiful skin
For better remembering
salmon, nuts, red meat, liver, oysters and beans, drink lots of water
  • do not drink more than one cup of coffee per day, don't eat much sugar

jogurt, vegetable salad, (proteins) meat, cheese, eggs, fat fish, red meat, forest fruits, bananas, carrots


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