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1. července 2010 v 22:17 | Webmiss |  theTHOUGHTS
Well, even though I didn't really write a "welcoming" article on this site, I am writig this one - which is kind of a goodbye article, because I'm going to a music festival tomorrow and after that I'll be in Czech Republic at my grandma's, 'cause it was my namesday and it will be my b-day soon. That means I won't have any internet connection. I am not taking my computer either, so I won't be working on any new graphics - I would really like to do that, but my computer is in horible condition, I can be glad it's still working. So I think that might be all, I hope I won't have such a horrible headache as always when I'm on the sun for a long time, because it would f*ck up the whole festival and my mood. And now it's time to go to bed for me, because on tuesday-wednesday night I didn't get much sleep and yesterday (ehm, actually, today) I didn't get much sleep either. I mean I can be glad my boyfriend fell asleep at cca 06:00 so I could sleep for at least 2 hours (because when I wanted to sleep before, he kept on talking and talking, just so he wouldn't be the only one still awake). But I am talking bullshit now, good night & take care, P.


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