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9. července 2010 v 21:41 | Webmiss |  theTHOUGHTS
i will say this again - I didn't want to write much about my life, but I just can't help it, i need to write my feelings off. So as you may have seen in the previous entry, I broke up with my boyfriend today. (Btw. this entry is gonna be short, because I am not at home, I am at my best friends house and I hate writing on her keyboard). The thing is - I knew I wanted to do this. And i am kind of glad I did, because I know it would have no sense pushing myself into this relationship and telling myself that it'll be okay and that it was just a short time crisis. Because I knew it wasn't. And because I don't love him the way I did before. It just wasn't the same - and to all of this, all the things I wrote about in one of my prevoius entries. When I told him that I want to break up, that I want out of that relationship, he didn't wanna believe it at first and then I saw dissapointment and sadness in his eyes. I am not sorry for breaking up with him, I am just sorry that it hurt him.


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ahh... ten predchádzajúci článok ma... v podstate zarazil, ja som si myslela že sa to nakoniec nejako dá doporiadku a ostanete spolu...

ale držím palce :) a ak si presvedčená, že je to pre teba takto dobré, tak je všetko v poriadku :] ♥

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