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Like I've already said a milion times, I am finally going to Germany again and I jsut can't wait. To go away from this everyday stuff, which is always the same .. and I also can not wait to be in that beautiful country, in the beautiful city of Berlin, to finally speak this beautiful language for 8 days. I just love everything about it, I really do. I think eS has made a wonderful plan for the whole trip (except for shopping twice a day on huge shopping streets, that's gonna kill me.), I can't wait. Prepare for a whole lot of photos, I am taking my EOS with me :) I won't have internet there, so .. // But I've prepared two articles for you. Actually, one set and one short article about two great people. So stay tuned, I'll be back on 28., two days before my b-day - and hopefully I'll be back here already with my new laptop. Love you, enjoy your Holidays, it's time for me to go to bed already, I am waking up at 06:35 tomorrow, that'll kill me!!


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ahojky hezu blog koncesne na muj?xxx

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