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Yesterday, me and eS were watching TV being bored, and seeing some videoclip from Robbie Williams, we both remembered the same think. When we were really young, we've seen his Live concert on some Slovakian TV channel and we were both blown away by this one moment. Between two songs, he asked the crowd to take a picture of him at the same time - it was a huge, huge crowd - and it looked amazing, it was really mind-blowng. I mean .. I can't even imagine how he was feeling at that moment! Today I found the video so you can see how amazing it is too :
And actually, what I want to talk about are concerts. There is no other event when you feel so together and connected with other people - with people you have never seen before and will probably never see again - than at a concert. Concert, or a festival. And I simply love this feeling. When so many people come to one place for the same reason, they share the same passion for the same band, or for the same kind of music. And it's always amazing for me to be a part of something this big, it's never just a concert or just a festival - it's a couple of hours, where you feel completely at home (even though you might be miles away). And it makes me kinda sad, that on some concerts, fans don't act like they are there for the same reason, they don't help each other, they just "fight" for themselves. I think this is sad, because a fandom should always be together, like a huge family. But well. I hope you are blown away from that video just like I was when I saw it the first time (I might've been like 9 years old back then).

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