Boy or a Girl?

7. července 2010 v 12:07 | Webmiss |  theTHOUGHTS
A couple of days ago, me and my best friend talked about how she's much more a boy and I am much more a girl - because she isn't emotional that much, mostly cold and I am a very, very emotional, hysterical person. But on the other hand, I could say that I behave more manly than she does - because unlike her, I hate shopping, which most girls love and I am not this type of a girl who always has to have perfect manicure, has milions of spa appointments etc. And talking about shopping, argh. I just don't get it. How can someone think of shoppping as a hobby? How can someone find joy while shopping? I mean .. when I need something, I go to a store and buy it, or search for it (not more than 30 minutes, oh that would kill me). But this idea of just going to a shopping centre without really needing anything seems weird to me. What I want to say - who has that much useless free time, that he spends it in shopping centres, often staying there for more than 4, 5 hours?! I just don't understand this and I don't think I ever will .. but actually, I am really glad I am more manly in this way ..


1 astaroth astaroth | 8. července 2010 v 21:25 | Reagovat

!! touto problematikou - boy/girl? sa dosť zaoberám posledné dni.
vo všetkých testoch či som viac feminine/masculine alebo androgynous mi výjde, že moja myseľ je mužská :D

najlepšie je vraj mať oba faktory v rovnováhe..

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