A bit of adrenaline

21. července 2010 v 22:37 | Webmiss |  theTHOUGHTS
I finally got the chance to write this short article, I actually wanted it to be longer, because it's a theme I could talk about for hours and hours and I'd still remember new memories. But I don't have that much time, since we're in Berlin, the internet connection is not that good - and I'm on eS's laptop - I hate its keyboard. Today (except for all the other stuff) we went to Pankow, where's an old building with no known owner. It took us at least 30 minutes to get there. And I was so excited when I saw the building. It was great! Huge, old, vandalized .. you know, the kinda place you just want to come in, observe, look through - u have a little fear in you, you are a bit scared and there's also a dash of adrenaline. But no, she just wouldn't go there, because she's scared of everything!! Literally - everything! So I told her that she can stay on the Subway Stop while I go there for a while. No, she wouldn't let me. And she wouldn't even wanna stay on the bridge close the that building, stay there for a while - because she didn't like the neighborhood, because it was not in the center of Berlin - because she was scared. I mean .. she knew where we were going, she knew what kind of a building it was, so we went over there - and then just went back, because she was scared. And I know I prolly shouldn't be angry and mad and upset, but c'mon! I don't understand why she has to make a scene when I wanna go there, when Im not making her go inside with me - because I know she's scared!! And when we were there, and I saw the building, I remembered my childhood. The time I spent out of the city in a small village an hour away from the capital I live in. And we always did this kind of things. We always did things we were scared of a bit, but we were always more excited about the fact that we could observe new things, learn about a new place, that seemed scary. Now? I just live in this boring city doing all that boring stuff I don't really like doing. So .. I am kinda depressed right now because of all these things and I'd like to return to my childhood for just one day to re-live this again.

Okay well, this isn't such a short article liek I thought it would be, but I just felt like writing it all down before I stop being upset about it that much. Hope u're enjoying the holidays, I have many photos, so they'll all be here when I get home. Love & Peace, P.

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