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6. července 2010 v 15:35 | Webmiss |  × Surveys

about me
zodiac sign: leo
current location: bratislava, slovakia
eye color: dark brown
hair color: dark brown
hair type: natural curles, but I straighten it sometimes
shoe's you wore today: southpole ♥
your fear: death of someone I love, bottom of huge boats.
first thought when you wake up: s**t, I was dreaming about me excercising?
when is your bedtime: I'd like it to be cca 22:00, but it's mostly after 00:00
pepsi or coke: coke
mc dondalds or burgerking: I'm a vegetarian, so I really like B-King's Veggie Burger
what is the last song you sang: Run & Tell Them from Hairspray Movie ♥
do you drink: I do. 
ever been drunk: I have. But I always remember everything
do you smoke: unfortunately
do you sing: I've been told I do.
do you want to go to college: ofc. germany, here I come. ♥
have you ever been in love: ♥
do you like thunderstorms: I like summer thunderstorms.
shoes: black pumps
car: cadillac escalade
color: black & purple [actually I like all colors ♥]
meal: italian, chinese, indian, mexican - but vegetarian
bed side manor
are you attracted to someone who does not know it: yap.
would you like to be someones fantasy: I guess ..
do you kiss with your eyes closed or open: closed
a little or a lot of tongue: little.
older or younger: older or same age. younger not yet. tried it.
lights on/lights off or candle light: lights off.
do you like to cuddle in general: I do ♥
right now
what is todays date: 6.7.2010
what time is it: 15:30
who are you thinking of: nobody actually.
what are you listening to: lil wayne on fire
do you love someone: I do ♥
does someone love you: I guess.
is it raining: it was couple of hours ago.

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